Vanuatu Volleyball Federation has had an outstanding participation from teams competing in the TVL Corporate Volleyball Wellness Shield in the last couple of weeks.

The event ended with a barbeque farewell to all participants at Stade beach volleyball court on Thursday.

“What an event, both teams were good and I think the best have won today, TVL as you may have seen have always encouraging all the sports activities and supporting. TVL as a corporate company we want to support this kind of development among the communities that we are trying to build a stronger and healthier nation through sports,” said TVL CEO Tangavel Barlen Lutchmoodoo.

“Today’s match is a very tough one that our team did not think we would win the shield because last year we came up against the same team and lost to them but today we are overjoyed and glad about the turnout,” said Douglas Regenvanu, a player from Wilco 2.

Wilco 2 won 1st prize which is a total of Vt100,000 cash + Shield. The 2nd prize won by Holiday Inn is a package of 6 Smartphones to each of the 6 players. The 3rd prize went to Reality Tours, who won Vt30,000 cash prize and the best Uniform Prize of the 8-week event to AVL is Vt27,000 cash.

The tournament began on the 6th of June every Thursday of the week, seeing plenty of participants putting a lot of effort into making the quarter finals, and in yesterday’s competition saw Wilco 2 winning the TVL shield off Holiday Inn Resort.

The Major sponsor for this tournament is Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL) with support from Azure Pure Water who supplied water for all teams participating to drink.

The second place winner of the match said that they are sad about the outcome of the match but are happy about the event.

“I feel sad but happy too because it is a game every game has a winner and a loser, it’s sad for us but we feel happy and all right about it. To all other companies who did not participate in this year’s event, get involved in the tournament next year,” said Melissa Yalulu.

In this competition the emphasis is on enjoyment, social atmosphere. To build each team spirit, exercise, eat healthy, meet new people and also build relationship between organization and play as equal. The teams competing in the tournament played following the mixture of Indoor and 4 aside rules.

“I am very happy that our team Reality tours came to win 3rd place in the TVL Corporate Volleyball Wellness shield, it is also the team’s first time to be part of this event. On behalf of the team I would like to thank TVL for organizing events like this for people to participate in, instead of hanging around and doing nothing,” said Felix Andrew.

There were 36 teams participating in this year’s competition. On Thursday 8 teams have played in the quarterfinals. The event saw four lucky teams who made it into to semifinals and in the end Wilco 2 battled again with last year’s TVL Corporate Volleyball Wellness shield winner.

VVF would like to express our huge appreciation to everyone and teams participating in the TVL Corporate Wellness Volleyball shied in the last 8 weeks and hope to see all teams participating in the next tournament next year.

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