One of the most entertaining events in the Vanuatu’s event calendar on Efate island is going to be held again on Saturday July 20, 2019.

But this year’s event comes with some good news.

Wilco Hardware the organiser of the event has decided this year to increase the prize money and Wilco Shopping Vouchers.

The premier male, female and mixed (male & female) category winners will receive an amount of VT200,000 each.

Runner ups will receive a VT150,000 each and the third place winners will receive VT100,000 each.

Winning School for the Mini Relay will receive a voucher worth of VT150,000, the runner up school will receive another Voucher worth of VT100,000 and third place school will receive a voucher worth of Vt50,000.

Best decorated village will receive a voucher worth of Vt150,000.

Last year, 2018, there were 26 registered Teams for the competition, there is a possibility that the numbers will increase this year. Wilco Hardware would also like to invite the members from the Society for People Living With Disabilities to be part of the event again this year as last year was a success.

Wilco Island Relay is a non-profit event, so the organizers encourage communities business houses, schools and individuals to go and register. It is a day of fun, meeting new people, making friends and experiencing that community Spirit that is one of Vanuatu’s treasures.

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