Vanuatu Football Federation Referees Instructors from left; Robinson Banga and Lensley Bani at the Football Stadium yesterday. Photo: Anasilini Natoga

Vanuatu Football Federation Referees Instructors Robinson Banga and Lensley Bani are calling on interested young male and female to take up referee course this year and be a qualified referee.

The duo admits there will be three main local football competitions this year namely Port Vila league, Womens league and Youth League and they are short of referees.

Banga said; “ This year we will have introductory course bringing all the young guys here and telling them how to do referees from ages 18-22 years old.

“Later on then we will have our instructor course where we will bring all these instructors from Member Associations in Vanuatu and we train them here then we will go back then they will train their own people from their island,” he said.

“We will use these guys to train boys from the island and bring all the potential referees and then we work with them.

“But we will do follow up every three months,” he added.

“This year we have Port Vila league, Women’s league , Youth league so we need a-lot of referees.”

“ We are looking at 20 plus referees to recruit this year both male and women referees and women referees to control women’s league. At the moment we have eight qualified women’s referee but some are not active.”

“After introductory course then we will have level one course and then MA course where FIFA will run the course.

“ For Youth league we want to bring in students referees. There a lot of teams so we need a-lot of referees.”

Bani said; “Currently there are three FIFA referees in Vanuatu, one centre referee and two assistant referee and we need to increase the number and get these elite referees to reach OFC level.

“We need more referees,” Bani said.

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