VVF 40th Independence Anniversary tournament’s day 2 gains tougher competitive environment

Men’s pool in action. (VVF)

The Vanuatu Volleyball Federation’s (VVF) 40th Anniversary indoor volleyball tournament’s second round of games took place on Saturday night at the Epauto Multi-purpose hall.

In the men’s games, Tupuji played against Bladinier, Strata against Beverly Hills and the last game, Haka vs Freswota.

Tupuji vs Bladinier (1-2)

Strata vs Beverly Hills (0-2)

Haka vs Freswota (0-2)

For the women’s game, Wan Smol Bag (team 2) played against Eagles, Buluana against Freswota and Strata played against Vonlap.

WSB 1 vs Eagles (2-0)

Buluana vs Freswota (2-1)

Strata vs Vonlap (2-1)

Day two saw teams geared up with skills and tactics as they take on their opponents in front of the crowds with supporters cheering on their teams throughout the night.

Ms Toto, the tournament’s referee manager said that as more games were being rolled and set up, the number of audience’s turnout was really good.

Regarding player talents and skills, Ms Toto mentioned that volleyball is an exciting game, and this tournament, a lot of elderly players proved that they are still molded with their skillful talents and tactics performed on court against the new generations of volleyball players.

She explained that the tournament has also motivated youths to participate more often in the game as well with teams creating a more challenge but more fun environment throughout the night.

She encouraged youths interested in indoor volleyball to come by and register with the volleyball league, whether you are a student or not, VVF invites you to come. With NCD a leading killer within the Pacific region, Ms Toto further encouraged youths to involve more in sports activities to address the health factor and more importantly being physically fit as well.

The tournament has seen representatives from the beach volleyball national team also participating in the competition creating a more challenging tournament for all players as well.

VVF invites and appeals to volleyball fans throughout Port Vila to go by and show their support, furthermore, to enjoy a game of volleyball. According to VVF, games are played on every Wednesday nights and Saturday nights. For Wednesday’s, games begin at 6pm and on Saturdays at 6:45pm.

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