VNA and Erakor Bilingual School Seal Partnership

Chairman of the EBS, Tony Wilson signs as the Coordinator Virginia Taravaki witnesses, at the ceremony.Photo: Kathie Simon

Another exciting day was witnessed yesterday at heart of Erakor Village when Erakor Bilingual School (EBS) and Vanuatu Netball sealed partnerships to work together for the beneficial in achieving an increase in participation in netball.

Amongst school aged people, the community, and increasing awareness of healthy lifestyles through activity and nutrition.

Present to witness the ceremony occasion was the Principal of EBS Polinda Emele, the Chairman of the EBS Council and members, a representative of the Chief of Erakor, teachers, pupils and the Coordinator and Volunteers of VNA, and members of the Board of VNA.

A delicious chocolate cake, delightfully enjoyed by the students and everyone was shared to mark the signing of the Partnership Agreement.

The Coordinator of VNA NetGo Virginia Taravaki told Daily Sports, “It is another grand occasion to see the NetGo program extended to the grassroots level, especially the village of Erakor where Netball will be brought to EBS and the community’s doorstep.

“I am super excited I will be working with EBS to bring Netball to another level, knowing also that the village owns a stronghold for football.

“I take this time to acknowledge our partners — Netball New Zealand and, Pacific Sporting Partnership funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade”, said the NetGo Coordinator.

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