VFF to introduce first ever Futsal National Youth Super League this year

VFF Southern Technical Director, Mr Joel Rarua.

As the Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) steps up its commitment with affiliated partners in addressing football, futsal and beach soccer development in country, VFF is looking forward in introducing a first ever Futsal Youth Super league competition.

Currently, all futsal Member Associations in country are preparing for the commencement of a first ever youth league and VFF confirmed that all MAs will provide a selection team to battle in the upcoming Super league tournament scheduled for July.

VFF Southern Technical Director who is also responsible for Futsal programs, Mr Joel Rarua said that football development is growing and VFF is committed in addressing all components of football across the country such as futsal and beach soccer.

“Almost 70% of VFF’s Member Associations have implemented futsal program in their activities which is a progress for Futsal development,” he said.

“Developing futsal from an early age is a way forward for strengthening our senior team. We have the Futsal Grassroot festival program, futsal development centers and also within the national level, we have implemented high level centers as well.

“All players selected during the youth competitions will attend the performance centers programs to further upgrade their skills and talents and possibly represent the national team as well.

“This time we have futsal training taking place in Teouma Academy having trainings once a week with the VFF futsal development officer, Ben Hungai.

“The main purpose is to develop individual player skills as we believe that futsal is a component and technical pathway for players to reach their potential and perform well in a profession level. We have programs already in place.

“The idea is for players selected into Academy to have a firm background in youth level programs as well before going to senior competitions.”

Mr Rarua said youth competitions are coming up and interested youth wishing to participate can get registered with clubs participating. He said it is an opportunity for all youth to gain exposure as well.

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