VFF rolls out Player Eligibility standard for upcoming VFF Championship League

Malampa Revivors FC striker, Edwin Bai makes a run against a LL Echo FC defender in the 2020 VFF NSL, now changed to VFF Championship League.

With the Vanuatu Football Federation’s Championship League to kick off this month at the Lugainville Soccer Stadium, Santo, the VFF competition department has rolled out requirements for respective clubs and players to meet before participating in the tournament.

The VFF Championship League will take place on the 23rd June -03rd July 2021. All VFF member Associations will come together to battle for a spot in the 2022 Oceania Football Confederation (OFC’s) O-League competition.

In accordance to FIFA and OFC Standard Regulations, VFF’s Competition Manager, Bong Shem confirmed to daily post, this week, the player eligibility requirements to be submitted to VFF before the tournament commences.

Within Article 42: Eligibility of Players Article 42 Eligibility of Players, VFF wish to remind all clubs and players on the following requirements.

1. In principle, each Club is responsible for submitting a list of Players [“Official Team List”] duly signed to its Member Association for verification, validation, signature and forwarding to VFF during the VFF CL Football Tournament. These lists must include the name, date of birth, jersey number, VFF name, Passport / Nationality ID Number and originality of all Players to be fielded in the VFF CL Football Tournament. VFF will impose a fine of for Official Team Lists that do not contain all of the requested information

2. Each Club shall ensure the following when naming its team for the VFF CL Football Tournament

a. all Players shall be eligible in accordance with the Member Association’s own rules and those of VFF, OFC and FIFA, notably the FIFA Regulations for the Status and Transfer of Players;

b. all Players shall have undergone medical examinations and have been approved for participation in the VFF CL Football Tournament by the team’s medical authority;

c. a Player registered with one Member Association may only be registered with another Member

i. Association once the latter has received the Transfer Certificate from the Member Association that the Player is leaving within the “Transfer Period “of VFF, only for this VFF CL Tournament. Once the CL Tournament is ended the player shall return to its Member Association.

d. a Player may not play in the VFF CL Football Tournament for more than one competing Team in the course of the same VFF CL Football Tournament. A substitute Player who is not fielded is entitled to play for another Team competing in the same VFF CL Football Tournament provided that he is registered in accordance with the provisions above.

3.VFF shall issue each Player and Official with an Accreditation. Regardless, each Club will receive a maximum of 22 Accreditations [18 for their Players and 3 for their Officials]. The accreditation shall always be available for inspection.

4. Any Team that is found guilty of fielding an ineligible Player shall forfeit the match or matches it has played. Victory and the resultant three [3] points will be awarded to the opposing Team as well as the score of 3-0, or greater, depending on the score of the match. VFF is the competent body to decide in this regard. Decisions taken by VFF are final and binding and not subject to appeal.

5. The matter is then to be referred to the VFF Disciplinary Committee for appropriate disciplinary action against the Member Association and Team.

Galaxy FC and Malampa Revivors FC have secured their spot in the O-League 2021 competition to be staged in Fiji. With 2022 ahead, all VFF Member Associations will look forward in giving the duo a competitive challenge to aim for a spot as well in the Oceania league competition.

Currently only Municipal representatives have been attending the O-League competition. In 2018, Nalkutan FC from the Tafea Football Associations participated in the O-League competition.

This will be a heads up for all teams as they prepare for this month’s competition.

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