VFF plans to implement comet registrations in 2021-2022 season

VFF comet officers attending the VFF Comet workshop. (Bong Shem)

The Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) plans on implementing the VFF comet system in all competitions within the upcoming 2021-2022 season.

VFF Competitions Manager, Bong Shem Batick made the confirmation when confirming to daily post of the postponed comet registrations for all Member Associations following the government’s COVID19 3-day lockdown period.

Mr Bong stated that VFF is looking forward in implementing the comet system to provide accurate and accessible information on Vanuatu football programs and competitions happening in country.

He mentioned that more importantly updating information for the Oceania Football Confederations (OFC) and FIFA to get updated on VFF programs, leagues, clubs and players as well.

He also mentioned that it is a step forward for VFF and also the Vanuatu Football development in country.

While VFF comet officers are prepared to commence the 2021 comet registrations for all VFF Member Associations (MAs), Mr Shem confirmed that VFF will await the government’s decisions on the 3-day lockdown period.

“Once the lockdown is uplifted, then our comet registrations will resume stadium, clubs and player registrations,” said Mr Shem.

Commenting on the VFF comet officers workshop run in Port Vila, Mr Shem said that it was successful and all VFF comet officers were happy on the turnout and are looking forward to begin registrations within their respective MAs.

“After the two weeks registrations, the VFF comet officers will submit their report to VFF. The registrations will include U-12’s – senior level for both men and women.

VFF is calling for cooperation within all active leagues so that VFF can complete the comet registrations within the FIFA timeframe.

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