VFF new plans for 2021

VFF National Super League champion Galaxy FC

Vanuatu Football Federation Executive Committee has endorsed a decision to promote high level National Competitions for national team players and top players to be actively involved, while international games may not be possible for the foreseeable near future.

In view of the current Covid19 restrictions on International travels for all Nations Teams, VFF Executive Committee Meeting was held at the Grand Hotel in Port Vila last week to endorse the decision.

The VFF Executive Committee Meeting has approved decisions on the following competitions;

(a) There will be prizes for the 3rd and 4th position play off the current NSL Finals, currently being held in Port Vila; Winner – 1 000,000VT, Runner up – 500,000VT, 3rd Place Team – 200,000VT, 4th Placed Team 100,000VT

(b) The Second edition of the National League Competition for Men’s Senior will take place in Port Vila on third Week of January of 2021. This will involve 8 teams from the 8 Member Associations.

(c) The first Edition of the National League Competition for Senior women’s will also take place in Port Vila on January 2021, in Port Vila. This will involve only Member Association who have active Women’s Competition in 2020.

(d) The 2020/2021 National Super League Club Finals comprising of the Champion clubs from eight member Associations will be staged in Luganville in July/August 2021.

(e) The National Youth Championships for Under 15 and U17 Boys and Girls Teams will be staged in late November 2020, in Luganville.

An Executive decision was also made to VFF to engage coaching programmes for Member Associations to upgrade the level of competition for member Associations. This will involve Men’s Coaches as well as women’s coaches.

(a) An approval made in principle to immediately identify suitable candidates for these positions

(b) That the VFF Technical Department to install suitable programmes to facilitate this initiative

The Executive Committee also approved to remove any restrictions for outdoor 11 aside players to play official futsal games with any teams provided they meet the registration requirement for the respective competitions.

There will be no restriction of Futsal players to play outdoor 11 aside games, provided they meet the registration requirement for competitions.

The Executive Committee also approved for the VFF to staged its 30th Congress Meeting on Walaha, West Ambae from November 26-27.

Other important decisions will be announced at a later date.

VFF Fully acknowledges FIFA, and OFC for facilitating processes in facilitating football as part of the Covid19 contribution to Vanuatu Football.

VFF also acknowledges the major contributions of the Vanuatu Government, Municipalities, and Provincial Authorities, sponsors, and well and service provides who have participates in various ways to that ensure that the game of Football can be enjoyed at these difficult times.

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