Vanuatu Futbol Federesen (VFF) Nasonal jampionsip lik grand finol bambae hemi tekem ples tedei (Satedei) daon long Korman Stadium.

Long grand finol ia, bambae jampion blong VFF saoten rejion, Shefa FA bambae hemi plei agensem Sanma FA, kampion blong noten rejion.

VFF nasonal jampionsip lik hemi kam olsem wan rod blong olgeta VFF ofisols mo ol rispektif ofisols blong ol difren FA’s insaed long kantri blong savei mekem wan gudfala seleksen blong olgeta pleias insaed long nasonal tim blong kantri.

Hemia hemi fes taem, wei VFF hemi savei kam blong organisem wan nasonal jampionsip lik olsem. Tru aot long ol pas deis blong VFF naonal lik ia, i lukim fulap ol gudfala skils wei olgeta lokol pleias oli kam blong soemaot long ol futbol fans truaot long 3 dei jalenj blong ol rispektif FA’s insaed long saoten rejion.

Shefa FA hemi kam blong winim Tafea FA blong kam olsem saoten rejion jampion blong savei plei agensem jampion blong not, Sanma FA.

Bambae maj hemi tekem ples stret long 2pm.

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