VFF announces women’s pre-squad

Vanuatu women football team last year. Photo: VFF

Vanuatu Football Federation Technical Department today announces the pre-squad for the senior women’s national team.

The players mentioned must go to VFF house on Wednesday 15 January 2020 at 3pm in the afternoon.

The players will meet with VFF women’s coach Robert Yalou for briefing.

“It is very important for the players listed in the pre-squad to come to this briefing with VFF technical team before training starts in 2020.” said Robert Yalou.

The senior women’s national team will start training for their first OFC competition around April 2020.

VFF Senior Women’s Pre-squad

1. Melissa WAKERET

2. Nettie Maeva KALSAU

3. Elmah AIJIVI

4. Jesta TOKA

5. Emilia TARAVAKI

6. Jane ALATOA

7. Celestine KALOPONG

8. Cloe Ruth TATE

9. Rose Mary SIMON

10. Limas ERIKAN

11. Diana SINE

12. Carlie TARI

13. Annie Rose GERE

14. Cynthia NGWELE

15. Rita SOLOMON

16. Nelly KALTACK

17. Rosinia WANEMUT

18. Leitapanga KALTAK

Vanuatu Football Federation

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