The newly appointed Vanuatu Association of Sports and National Olympic( VASANOC) Strength and Conditioning coach Jason Quelch is currently recording data for development at the Beach Volleyball court.  

Vanuatu Volleyball Federation Media Officer Jill Scanlon confirmed with Daily Post.

"Jason Quelch (the new S&C coach with VASANOC has been putting senior players through fitness tests this week to record all data.

"So today(yesterday) we are doing same with the U16 squad, boys and  girls involved  only one  boy actually," Scanlon said.

Quelch is keen on recording data for development purposes.

"He's keen on starting recording data for development  to gauge abilities and see improvement.He's very good," Scanlon added.

Quelch replaced former coach Charmaine Grame. Quelch takes over the reigns from Ms. Grame whose work guided many sports through to an all time Pacific Games medal tally and whose work with teams such as Vanuatu Beach Volleyball will not go unforgotten.

Quelch now joins a team of 6 sports still hoping to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and believes from what he has seen that most of them have the talent to get there.

" The natural physical talent of some of the athletes I have seen in my 2 weeks of meeting and working with some of the teams is amazing. You cannot train or teach that. I love the rawness of the training venues and facilities. We may not have the best training centers in the world, but we will have what we need to help our athletes be their best."

"I am looking forward to harnessing this natural talent and guiding our athletes to create an improved mindset towards training and completion and life as an athlete.

"As well as adding in a more science based approach to physical performance and preparation to ensure our athletes have everything they need mentally and physically to prepare well, and compete at the highest level," Quelch stated during his earlier interview.

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