Course facilitators Maria Constantinou( seating third from left) and Mark Brown(seating third from right) with VASANOC officials and the 16 participants with their certificates of completion at the Tennis Club on Monday. Photo: VASANOC.

Vanuatu Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee( VASANOC) acknowledges their main funding sponsor the Olympic Solidarity for the successful completion of the three days Sports Medicine training,

The three days training culminated at the Tennis Club on Monday with 16 participants completing the course.

VASANOC Sports Development officer and Course coordinator James Kalo Malau was impressed with the modules covered for participants helping them to be first responder on the sports field and arena with the absence of medical officials.

“Injury in sports is common, knee injury, ankle injury, shoulder, etc.Most times, no medical practitioner is nearby in training venues or in competition venue but coach or development officer are always on site every time since they are with athletes every-time.

“Being a first responder when one of their athlete is injured is very important.

“Even to prevent the injury from happening or making it worse that is why VASANOC is taking this direction to train and equip them with these skills that is facilitated by these top presenters,” Malau said.

Facilitators Dr Maria Constantinou who is the Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, Australian Catholic University, Brisbane, Australia and Assistant Professor Mark Brown who is the Health Clinics Coordinator, Faculty of Health Sciences, Australian Catholic University, Brisbane, Australia; Assistant Professor in Physiotherapy, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia.

Now onus is on the 16 participants to implement it on the field when it matters.

“Now it is up to the participants to apply put the training and knowledge into practise and help our athletes to train and prepare them to better performance and to achieve better results.

“As part of competency the participants have a five months assessments period to complete some tasks and submit their monthly reports to the office of the SDO of VASANOC.

“The participants have receive a certificate of participation after the training on Monday and will receive a Certificate of attainment after they submit the workbook after the 5 month period,” he added.

VASANOC have identified a few of the participants who have the capabilities and will find ways to support them in the future and may involve them in further higher level training.

“We thank Maria Constantinou and Mark Brown for facilitating this training and also appreciate the support from the Olympic Solidarity for funding this training,” Malau added.

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