Vanuatu women’s cricket trio settle in Malaysia

Vanuatu women’s cricket trio settled in Malaysia. Photo: Malaysian Cricket Association

Holiday Inn Vanuatu Women’s cricket captain Selina Solman, powerful opener Valenta Langiatu and spin wizard Nasimana Navaika have arrived into Malaysia last week for the Malaysian Super Women’s League.

Malaysian Cricket Association organised the Inaugural Malaysian Super Women League which started last Saturday and culminates this Thursday at Kinrara Oval.

The Vanuatu women trio were invited to play in the Malaysian Super Women’s League.

According to the statement put out by Vanuatu Cricket Association earlier this month; “This series will provide great exposure for the girls and women’s cricket in Vanuatu as a whole. We cannot wait to see them in action.”

27 players from the national pool, along with the 25 invited players from 6 countries namely Australia, Vanuatu, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia and Thailand, have been distributed among the four teams – Southern Jaguars, Northern Queens, Eastern Lioness and Central Super Girls.

Six Young Thai Players from Thailand are also taking part in this tournament.

Some of the learnings Vanuatu Cricket concluded this year were;

• Self Believe – The National Women’s Team have learned that they are capable of playing fantastic cricket and win matches and can now move on with the confidence to play great cricket in future tournaments.

• As an Association they learned the ropes of running an international competition in Vanuatu and they are confident that they can run better tournaments in the future.

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