Joyce Joshua spent more than eight years as a player aiming for Olympic involvement representing Vanuatu at the elite level in Beach Volleyball.

This month, Joshua is continuing that association as she attends the IOCs 59th International Session for Young Participants in Greece — but now as a Sport Development Officer for the Vanuatu Volleyball Federation.

The two-week annual forum is designed as an introduction to Olympism and the Olympic Movement bringing together a large international group of young people from all areas of Olympic involvement at their national level.

Joshua is one of two women selected by Women and Sport Oceania (WASO) to represent the region at this exciting IOC forum.

One thing she is most looking forward to is the opportunity for her and her Fijian colleague, Lita Raydan Tavo, to promote the work and programs happening in Oceania around women in sport.

“I’m very excited — it’s my first time to Greece,” she said.

“I’m expecting to be able to work together, with my colleague from Fiji, to promote Pacific ideas.”

Meeting with the other participants and exchanging experiences and ideas is also something Joshua is excited about.

“The main thing is how to work with the other sports participants and learn new things from the workshops,” she said.

“Then take that information and come back and help by sharing it with the community I work with in the Volley4Change development program.”

In her role as an SDO, Joshua works as part of the VVF team on Santo delivering the V4C program to the local community.

“The V4C program for me is important because we work a lot with women in the community and we help them to build their confidence, their own leadership goals and engage them to socialise with other women in the community. Helping them also with how best to eat local food and have good nutrition.”

Just some of the topics being covered at this IOC session will be looking at sport, through the Olympic movement and values, as a tool for facilitating social inclusion, human rights, education and diplomacy as well as promoting an active society.

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