Vanuatu Tennis names junior and senior national teams

On 26th February 2018, the Vanuatu Tennis Federation Executive officially endorsed the athletes to be part of the National Team.

For the Juniors, the 2018 National Team will be comprised of:

- Rosalie Molbaleh (Under 16)

- Desiree Signo (Under 16)

- Clement Mainguy (Under 16)

- Warea Tigona (Under 16)

- Zachary Sands (Under 14)

- Noah Molbaleh (Under 14)

- Dyanna Duvu (Under 14)

- Naomi Sipiti (Under 14)

- Fintan Molbaleh (Under 12)

- Roberto Wong (Under 12)

- Jean-Pierre Manu (Under 12)

- Corentin Mainguy (Under 12)

- Enola Phung (Under 12)

- Sybella Pritchard-Lolo (Under 12)

Cyril Jacobe has been named as National Coach with Michael Malapa as assistant.

For the Seniors, the 2018 National Team will be comprised of:

- Aymeric Mara

- Leiniker Thomas

- Clement Mainguy

- Marie Liwuslili

- Rosalie Molbaleh

The National Junior Team will have its first regional tournament in April in Fiji while the Senior Team will compete for the Nations Cup in June in Fiji and for the Oceania Championships in September in Samoa.

The Vanuatu Tennis Federation is proud to announce that Vanuatu will also host for the first time an international junior tournament sanctioned by the International Tennis Federation in October and a regional tournament in November. Both competition will be organised at Korman Stadium.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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