Vanuatu sprinta i attendem trening kamp long Japan

Presiden blong (AV)Athletics Vanuatu (fes long raet) Rex Issachar wetem fiu AV memba mo sapotas oli farewel long Mr Mael. (centre) lo eapot. (AV)

Athletics Vanuatu (AV) i mekem farewel blong wan long ol top sprinta blong hem Tickie Terry Mael long Tuesday morning blong savei ko tekem pat long wan, wan manis trening kamp long Japan. Oceania National Olympic Committee (ONOC) nao i kam blong fundem travel blong Ticky Terry Mael.

After long successful pefomens blong Young Tickie Terry Mael long Pasifik gems long Samoa, Athletics Vanuatu i bin nominetem young top sprinta blong Vanuatu ia blong attendem trening kamp ia long Japan from preperesen tuwods Olympic Gems wei bambae Japan i hostem long Tokyo city, 2020.

Long early yia ia, Vasanoc Office i bin mekem wan kol i ko long everi sport discipline we oli wantem tek pat long Tokyo Olympic 2020, blong oli mas traem blong qualifae from long las 39 yia, i neva kat wan sport disiplin i qualifae yet long wan Olympic Gems.

Afta long wan manis trening kamp ia bambae Tickie Terry Mael i kasem bak Vanuatu long namba 21 Septemba mo long 23 Septemba bambae Mr Mael i travel bakeken i ko long Wol Jampionsip wei bambae i tekem ples long Doha long Qatar.

Sipos Tickie Terry Mael i qualifae long wol jampionsip long Doha bambae hemi jenjem histri blong Athletics Vanuatu olsem fes man Vanuatu blong qualifae unda long merit from wan Olympic gems. Bigfala jalenj wei i stab sei hemi mas clockem 45 sec long wan flat 400 meter blong savei securim tikit blong hem long Tokyo 2020 Olympic.

Wetem hemia Athletics Vanuatu i tekem taem ia blong talem bigfala tankiu iko long Vasanoc Office blong savei fasilitatem ol arenjmen blong top sprinta blong Vanuatu wei hemi olsem wan drim wei savei kam tru long Athletic Famili blong Vanuatu. 

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