Sports officials and stakeholders throughout the country attended a one-day Pacific Regional Sports Forum consultation workshop at the Grand Hotel on Monday this week.

The one-day consultation involved representatives of several key stakeholders from Vanuatu looking to draft content for designation of the Pacific Sport, Physical Activity and Physical Education Action Plan (SPAPE) 2019 – 2030.

The regional consultation coordinator, Jackie Lauff from Sports Matter, a non-profit organisation dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives using sport as a tool for development in Australia, the Pacific, Asia and Africa, said that their task is to provide inputs into a regional action plan for sports, which will be called the Pacific Sport Physical Activity and Physical Education Action Plan.

Ms Lauff said that it was the first time for the Pacific to have a regional action plan for Sport adding that is very exciting. She said that it is something that was endorsed by the Pacific Ministers for Sports in Samoa at the latest Sports Ministers meetings, just before the Pacific games in Samoa.

“It was also endorsed by the foreign economic Ministers at the recent Forum Economic Ministers Meeting (F.E.M.M.) in Suva, Fiji this week. The action plan will help drive the policy and regional actions in a coordinated way across sports, physical activity and physical education but this is the second regional consultation. We hosted a forum at USP, in Suva, last month and today it is the second phase of that consultation.

“We’re really happy that the action plan will have a long-life form 2019-2030. This gives us a three- four year phases of the action plan and links together with the 2030 agenda for Sustainable development, which is a global target for achieving the Sustainable development goals and it also ties with Vanuatu’s National development plan,” said Ms Lauff.

Ms Lauff said it is a pleasure to be here in Vanuatu, and here in this consultation, listening, learning and working with stakeholders, who have a passion for sports and vision to strengthen the structures and systems to enable more people in Vanuatu and across the Pacific to be more active more often, to promote really good quality of health and well being for everyone regardless of their age.

The one-day consultation was supported by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the University of the South Pacific (USP).

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