Vanuatu men's rugby 7s team took a different approach  during their on-field training at the Vanuatu Mobile Force training ground on Thursday.

The 14 member squad had a team bonding session at VMF camp which impressed team officials.

According to their post on Facebook, team management stated; "Tankiu (thank you in Bislama) Commander and your team. Lets go boys. Massive thanks to our supporters and sponsors. #oceaniasevenspreps."

Head Coach Morrison Dansey earlier said; “ I’m pleased with the boy’s preparation, there are two boys that are yet to join us in two days time,” Dansey said.

“The players have been putting in a lot of hard work for their skills and it has improved.”

Vanuatu is aware of the challenge they will face against the Oceania 7s powerhouses which includes Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and Samoa.

Vanuatu 14 men squad;

1. Keleto Doloka, 2. Max Taleo, 3.George Toara, 4. Herculean Kalsakau 5.Keane Williams. 6. Pedro Sablan 7.Toroki Saurei 8.William David 9.Dominique Sablan 10. Toara Ruben 11. Bruce Charlie 12.Stuart Kalmet 13.Kaltangi Napaukarana 14. Viliame David

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