Vanuatu Rugby League Workshop a success

PVRL workshop participants. (PVRL FB)

The Vanuatu Rugby League Workshop last weekend at the Erakor village field was a success with a total of 87 participants attending.

The VRL Secretary General So’o Motuliki told the Port Vila Rugby League (PVRL) that the turn out today exceeded expectation.

“Our development programme is slowly coming into shape and although it is slow but it is a sure process, being able to provide such a workshop is such an honour and privilege. The sky is the limit and we aim to have more workshops as planned during our sporting year in order to fulfill our objectives as a committee as per our development plans.”

It has never discouraged us to have smaller turn outs in previous workshops she continued to tell PVRL and its days like these that reminds us to keep holding these workshops.

When speaking to the local community leader Mr. Lauto, he was absolutely ecstatic to see the Erakor youth participate in this workshop.

Mr Lauto,who is a successful business man and also from Erakor told PVRL and VRL committee members that “mi glad we glad blo lukluk ol youth blo Erakor kam blo joinem workshop, hemi wan gud example we PVRL and VRL I mekem taem olgeta kam ple lo Erakor from I attractem ol youth we I sta wokabout mo mekem trabol blo kam traem wan sport olsem Rugby league. Mi glad blo luk fulap boy mo gel blo Erakor I joinem workshop blo Rugby League tedei”.

Mr Lauto also expressed how excited he is to see the formation of a Rugby League Club Erakor Etoile d’Or Rugby Club. He further added that he is 100 percent supportive of the Erakor club along with PVRL and VRL.

VRL Board Member Tonny Lui along with VRL president Antonio Korikalo told PVRL that the both of them together with the PVRL and development committee are absolutely excited about not only the new club but also the turn out today.

PVRL would like to thank VRL members as well as the PVRLDCC committee members for the day today. It was a complete and utter success.

“We would also like to extend our gratitude and thanks to Mr. Josiah Russel and the the Erakor Golden Star FC for making their venue available today.

“Thank you to all our VRL and PVRL volunteer development officers for taking their time today to come down and run all the different activities today.

“And last but not least, thank you to all our participants!

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