vanuatu para-athletes

Our Para Athletics team of Ken Kahu, Elie Enock and coach Odile Siro are on their way to Dubai. Photo: Vanuatu Paralympic Committee.

Vanuatu para-athletes have departed the country for Dubai to participate in the 2019 World Para Athletics Championships on November 7-15.

The team of Ken Kahu, Elie Enock and coach Odile Siro are excited to do their best and make Vanuatu proud on this next step on the path to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

Ken will be competing in the Men’s Ambulant Javelin and Elie in the Women’s Seated Shot Put.

The championship will be the final Worlds before Tokyo 2020 with more than 1,400 athletes taking part.

There will be 95 men’s and 76 women’s events at the Dubai Club for People of Determination, plus one mixed universal 4×100m relay.

Para athletics classifications

As with all Paralympic sport, athletes are classified into different sport classes based on each individual’s type and degree of impairment.

Athletes must meet minimum disability criteria to be eligible to compete in para athletics, with classification aiming to level the playing field between different impairments. The general idea behind classification is that athletes with impairments that would affect their athletics performance to a similar level will compete together in the same sport class.

The lower the number within each impairment type, the more severe the impairment to the athlete. In para athletics, sport classes start with a ‘T’ (track and jump events) or an ‘F’ (field throwing events).

Athletes are classed by visual impairments (T and F11 to 13), intellectual impairment (T and F20), co-ordination impairments (T and F31 to 34 in wheelchairs/seated; T and F35-38 standing), short stature (T and F40 to 41), lower limb impairments without the uses of prostheses (T and F42-44), upper limb impairments (T and F45 to 47), other limb deficiencies requiring a wheelchair or seat (T and F51 to 57), and lower limb impairments with prostheses (T and F61 to 64).

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