Vanuatu Football Women’s League starts today

From left; Vanuatu U16 coach Sakama Francois and Newly appointed

Vanuatu women’s football coach Yalou Robert. Photo: Anasilini Natoga

Vanuatu Football Women's League starts at Erakor Field today.

The women’s football league is making its return after lapse of two years and one of the main objectives is to create a player base for the Vanuatu Football women's side.

Newly appointed Vanuatu women’s football coach, Yalou Robert, earlier stated in an interview with Daily Post; “We wanted to revive the women’s league, after two years we are having the competition again.

“The main aim of having this league was to identify players for the Vanuatu women football team. This is a good start for us.

“It is very important to bring back the league,” Robert said.

Pools and Fixtures;

POOL MATCH POOL A; Erakor GS FC / Mauriki FC/ Benben FC Pango GB FC / Ifira BB FC

POOL C; Tupuji FC / Malapoa FC / Sia-Raga FC Islanders FC

Sat 26 Oct; 9am; Erakor GS FC Mauriki FC , 11am; Benben FC vs Pango GB FC , 1pm: Sia-Raga FC vs Islanders FC, 3pm: Tupuji Imere FC vs Malapoa FC, Ifira BB FC Bae

Sat 02 Nov; 9am; Tupuji Imere FC Islanders FC ; 11am; Sia-Raga FC Malapoa FC, 1pm; Mauriki FC Ifira BB FC , 3pm; Pango GB FC vs Erakor GS FC , Benben FC Bae

Sat 09 Nov; 9am; Erakor FC Benben FC Erakor Field; 11am; Ifira BB FC vs Pango GB FC ; 1pm; Tupuji Imere FC vs Sia-Raga FC, 3pm; Malapoa FC vs Islanders FC, Mauriki FC Bae

Sat 16 Nov; 1pm Erakor GS FC vs Ifira BB FC; 3pm; Mauriki FC vs Benben FC, Pango FC Bae

Sat 23 Nov; 1pm; Mauriki FC VS Pango GB FC; ; 3pm; Ifira BB FC VS Benben FC; Erakor GS FC Bae

Sat 30 Nov ;Semi Final ;Erakor Field Winner POOL A VS Runner Up POOL B, Winner POOL B vs Runner Up POOL A; 


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