Vanuatu Football to host Senior B License Course

OFC Head of Football Development and Education, Giovani Fernandes running the B License course in Solomon Islands August 2019. Photo: SIFF Media

Vanuatu Football Federation will host a Senior B License Course Part One on November 19-23 at the Teouma Football Academy.

OFC Head of Football Development and Education Giovani Fernandes believes training of coaches in Oceania is a priority and falls in line with FIFA’s aim for continuous up-skilling.

“Coaching is a cognitive process, and as such our hope is to impact the decision the coaches as they perform their daily duties, not only through the implementation of their plans but actually engaging them further into the process to define their priority as football leaders,” he said.

Participants to the course will be restricted to those who have attended the last C License Course and have submitted their past task and also part B License holders and national team coaches.

The course fee is 7,000 vatu per participant and those identified from other member associations are responsible to meet the cost of their flights to and from Port Vila.

The screening of participants will be done by Oceania Football Confederation and the VFF technical department to get the final participants to attend the course.

{h3}Certification Levels and Validity{/h3}

MA Youth and Senior Certificate; OFC C License – Valid for 2 years, OFC B License – Valid for 2 years, OFC A License – Valid for 2 years

VFF working in line with the new club licensing requirement which requires all coaches taking part in Oceania Champions League need to have a minimum B license to participate.

VFF is targeting 2022 for at least each member association will have two B License holders.

The bigger plan is VFF focusing on facilities and Coaching Education.

More Course Details below

Course Duration;

OFC Senior B Licence will encompass a minimum of 130 hours and will include: Part 1 – 19-23 November [Learning Programme of 5 days] , Part 2 – Date — TBC [Learning programme of 6 days] ,Part 3 – Date – TBC [Learning programme of 5 days]

Course aims to develop coaches’ competences by providing experiences while preparing coaches to be better adapted to new challenges.

On successful completion of the OFC senior B licence you will have enhanced your skillset and mindset in the following areas: 1. Knowledge of self and relationship with others 2. Knowledge of players 3. Knowledge of football 4. Coaching the training session 5. Coaching in the match 6. Coaching and playing philosophy.

Candidates for this course must hold a valid OFC senior C licence, candidates must be actively involved in coaching performance or high-performance players, candidates will submit a pre-course task prior to the course.

The learning programme

Situated learning

Active participation in the learning experience.

Experiential learning

Knowledge application and conceptual understanding to real-world situation.

Reflective practice

The opportunity to study own experiences to improve the way one works. Transformative learning Self-reflection and critical thinking to act based on newly established perspectives

All applications to be submitted via email to and will close on October 31. Applications will be reviewed after the closing date by OFC and VFF technical panel and places offered by November 7.

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