Vanuatu Cricket new CEO focuses on development

VCA new CEO, Mr Tim Cutler (right) is happy to be addressing cricket development in country. (VCA)

The Vanuatu Cricket Association (VCA) has welcomed its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tim Cutler last month who has assumed his role at the VCA center.

Mr Cutler’s contract runs until the end of 2023, and any decision as to whether he is offered a contract beyond that time rests with the board. The new CEO said he is here for the long haul to help cricket reach its true potential.

In an interview with Daily Post Sports, Mr Cutler said that he is very happy to finally get here. He added that he has been out of quarantine for four weeks now and is loving life in Port Vila.

Regarding some of the plans the newly CEO said that he is looking forward in carrying out his responsibilities as well.

“My initial weeks and months will be spent conducting an operational review, allowing us to get on top of any pressing issues that require action, while also ensuring our systems and processes are ‘fit-for-purpose’ as we look to finalise a bold long-term strategy for release in the next few months,” said CEO Cutler.

Mr Cutler stated that there are specific areas of focus that he wishes to address.

Firstly is the Junior pathways. Mr Cutler wants to ensure they have clear pathways, through a strong school and club system that makes it easier for more boys and girls to progress in the sport.

Second is social impact. He stated that cricket has a crucial role to play in the community and with broader support, the inspiring work being done by their Social Impact Teams can reach even more in the community — whether through more partnerships with like-minded entities, or by VCA tweaking their development programs to mainstream the educational messages being delivered.

Thirdly, commercial partnerships and cricket tourism. The VCA CEO commented that as they look ahead to a time when the borders are open again, VCA will roll out their cricket tourism initiative where they hope to attract players, teams and tournaments to Vanuatu’s shores.

In the meantime, Mr Cutler added that they would love to speak to any interested parties who would like to partner with Vanuatu Cricket, joining the strong base of trusted commercial supporters already working with the VCA across their events, national teams and community programs.

Finally, with new High-Performance Manger and Head Coach Jeremy Bray already effecting positive change across the men’s national squad since his arrival just over two months ago, VCA hopes to see their women’s and under age national teams also benefit from his experience as they approach regional qualifying events later this year.

“Likewise, a review of our facilities and infrastructure is underway to ensure we have the best conditions possible for our players and clubs,” said Mr Cutler.

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