The Vanuatu Budo Kyokai, that is centered around Japanese Martial Arts, has started its 2021 program this week at the National Fitness and Evacuation Centre.

The new martial art program is registered under the Vanuatu Martial Arts Federation and provides Martial Arts and Self-defense programs to children, students and adults.

The Small Samurai is a self defense technique program. The Akido is a modern self martial art self defense technique, which is very effective.

It began its programs last year in June, offering trainings at the Lotus compound however was relocated late last year to the National Fitness and Evacuation Centre indoor courts.

The program trainer and instructor, Mr Steven Magee, is an experienced expert in Akido and Traditional Martial Arts.

Mr Magee said that currently the federation is offering the Small Samurai, Aikido and Kobudo training programs. He also mentioned that membership fees are available which comes along with special packages for individual and family groups as well.

The team is also planning on introducing women group for women to participate in also. They also provide trainings for security companies as well.

The program is a charitable organization in Vanuatu, run by a group of people both Ni van and expat who have a passion for the martial arts and are dedicated to growing and extending the reach of martial arts within Vanuatu.

It seeks to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to access training and benefit from the positive outcomes training provides.

According to a statement relayed by the VBK on social media, trainings have begun and programs offered are as follows.

Class times:

Small Samurai — (ages 5 to 10) Monday and Wednesday 3:30 to 4:30 pm


- Juniors (10 to 16) Monday and Wednesday 4:45 to 5:4pm

- Seniors (16+) Monday and Wednesday 6:00 to 7:30pm

Kobudo (12+)

Tuesday 6 to 7:30


All students (any age) and under 18 — 200 Vatu

Adult — 400 Vatu

Kobudo is a Japanese traditional martial art.

First class is always free.

The VBK welcomes everyone to come and learn martial arts and self defence whilst strengthening yourself physically and mentally. For more information contact Steve on 5599955.

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