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Vanuatu Athletics Federation president Rex Issachar in Doha, Qatar.

Vanuatu Athletics Federation has started its plan for the 2021 Melanesia Athletics Championships which will be hosted at Korman Stadium in 2021.

VAF president Rex Issachar said their main challenge now is getting the accommodation organised and the facilities to be in good and right condition for athletes to use.

“We are now formalising a local organising committee which will be chaired by Athletics Vanuatu, so our main priority now is to do planning and logistics.

“Our challenge now is organising the accommodation which will cater 980 athletes with 450 officials,” Issachar said.

VAF is expecting 2000 spectators who are tourists during the period of the game.

“We hope that the running track is okay now and see the equipments which we will need to send back to the Oceania Athletics to check.

“We will need the involvement of the community, involving local people for this event,” he added.

Plans for Vanuatu’s first marathon

Issachar has also stated that they are planning to have a big marathon before the opening ceremony which will be the first marathon for Vanuatu.

300 athletes from host country

The athletics president has also confirmed there will be 300 athletes representing Vanuatu during the games.

“ The athletes will be selected from schools competition, these 300 athletes will be filing in different events.

“Malampa will be hosting secondary schools sprints game in May next year so we will select athletes and have enough time to prepare for the games,” he concluded.

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