Tufala para-athlete blong Vanuatu, Ken Kahu wetem Ellie Enock tufala I winim Silver medal blong Vanuatu blong mekem namba blong medal I go antap moa.

Kahu hemi bin sakem javlin long saed blong ol man mo Enock hemi bin sakem javlin too long saed blong ol woman.

Vanuatu Paralympic Committee hemi talem se para-athlete blong Vanuatu long saed blong ol man hemi bin sakem javlin long wan distens blong 46.61 mita.

Hemi jas mestem blong tekem Gold medal nomo lo para-athlete blong New Caledonia, Thierry Washetine.

Kahu nao hemi bin holem flag blong Vanuatu long fored long taem blong opening blong Pacific Games long Samoa.

Long saed blong ol woman, Enock hemi bin sakem javlin long wan distens blong 13.56 mita.

Nara para-athlete blong Vanuatu, Marceline Moli, hemi bin miss aot long wan Bronze medal mo kam namba 5.

Long saed blong resis long 100 mita blong ol man, Mathias Nakat wetem Ken I bin ron mo tufala I kasem faenal yestede.

Ol medal we para-athlete blong Vanuatu olsem Enock i tekem hemi makem histri too blong Vanuatu wetem ol nara Pacific kaontri blong sendem ol para-athlete long Pacific Games mo winim medal.

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