Tavola breeze past Buluana

Action between Buluana and Tavola

The Port Vila Netball league went ahead with its games on Saturday as all participating teams made use of the good sunshine, minus the extreme heat and humidity which created a great playing environment.

Tavola took on Buluana. Coming off a 40-2 loss in their previous game, Buluana had several changes as they had some new players on the court which was a major boost to the team.

Tavola had speed, and passing and shooting accuracy on their side that day as their shooters managed to receive passes from their center and wing attackers which they managed to easily sink into the nets.

Buluana put up good defensive play and created a challenge for the Pentecost girls a few times during the game.

The girls in Maroon also found their form in shooting, however the women in black grabbed the victory by 24 -10.

Buluana wing attacker, Talei Bakeo said despite losing the game, she felt happy that they had improved a lot after their previous game against Ifira. In the other game that day, University of the South Pacific [USP] beat Ambassadors.

Buluana will take on Tafea this Saturday in their next game at 1pm on court 3, followed by Ifira taking on Manarokesa.

USP take on Hawkes at 1pm on court 1 while Tavola take on Siaraga later at 2:30 pm.

Ambassadors have the bye this weekend.

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