With the COVID-19 crisis mounting up challenges, sports communities and disciplines throughout Port Vila are creating new strategical ways in dealing with the pandemic. Though challenges come with difficulties, Tafea’s executive committee Vice President, Mr Joseph Niel said that it also provides opportunities for all clubs within Port Vila to maximize and strengthen their capacities as well.

How would you rate your sporting year 2020?

COVID-19 has indeed affected our 2020 sport calendar. It was a bit difficult with attached pressures and challenges however with cooperation’s from all clubs with the Port Vila Football Association, the last and this season has been great. The boys are currently in second position in the PVFA Vodafone premier league classmen standing. Overall, it is a good start.

There are still few pressures, with a lot mostly gone. More importantly, COVID-19 strict measures has ensured we are COVID-19 free and it is a good thing.

What were some of the saddest moment?

Lately we had few players transferred to other clubs. It has been a challenge however we all learn to take the punches and move on. As a club, everything is fine with the club management addressing all club matters.

Going professional means having funds. Tafea FC is a bit weak on that but we believe all our local clubs are working on that as well. Financial packing is a matter the executive is committed in looking into.

Just a reminder, Tafea FC is a community-based club and the executive will look forward in addressing our financial packing as well.

What were some of the highlights this year?

The 2019-2020 season was quite good with Tafea FC coming third in the final position classmen, ensuring its participation as well in the PVFA top 4 competition.

The 2020-2021 season has just begun and we are happy on the club’s performance since day 1.

What are some of the learnings you will take from this year building it up next year?

Financial backing is also an initiative we; the executive is looking into as well. It is a start and discussions are underway. Unfortunately, in the past, all clubs have not aligned and structured to such objectives. These days, Galaxy FC and Ifira Black Bird FC are the only clubs who have a good financial packing to attract good player transfers as well unlike Tafea FC and Erakor Golden Star FC, which are an example of community-based clubs.

However, given the challenges, all our players remain committed and disciplined. This learning comes as an appeal to our fans and supporters to be aware that all players also have commitment and other responsibilities with their families, wife and kids too.

Looking after their welfare is paramount as they entertain us every weekend, whether win or lose, we still remain as their number one fan and supporter.

Any club plans for 2021?

Like all other teams, we do have plans. To improve on, especially within the team. Also, to improve on our classmen standing and developments as well.

Strengthening our weakness is vital.

Overall, Tafea FC is looking forward in providing a serious competition in 2021.

Last comments?

The Tafea FC executive and players would like to wish all club supporters and fans a Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year 2021.

Tafea FC would like to acknowledge supporter’s assistance as well to players through donations and many more.

The club appreciates such level of support and we are in the verge of addressing financial support as well for the club, slowly, but we are planning on strengthening that.

Tafea FC also extended its gratitude to the Tafea FC executive and community members, coaches and players.

The Tafea FC executive would like to appeal to all fans and everyone to have a safety enjoyable holiday because in 2021, Tafea FC will definitely come out fighting.

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