At the end of this month, Vanuatu Aquatics Federation (VAF) will retire its Spider-Ball Programme, Water Polo and Swimming Lessons just before the festive season.

VAF Development Officer Frank Vira stated that a swimming competition will punctuate the end of the programmes and farewell the federations members until 2021.

“It will be finishing this month, we are organizing a competition at the end of this month, competition at Beach Bar (Mele),” Mr. Vira said.

Despite not much attention being directed towards the aquatic federation, the VAF Developing Officer mentioned that they have busy this year with their outreach programmes, teaching students in rural schools how to swim.

During the interview with Mr. Vira he was outside Undine Bay on Nguna Island, teaching students the fundamentals of Water Polo and swimming.

“Even though we had corona we still had a chance to bring them to swim, we run our program at the sea at Beach Bar, Black Sands beach and community Beaches, like Eton Beach we do programmes at Epau, at Ekipe.

“We are at an outreach programme we run once a month, I’m at Nguna island we having our last outreach programme there.”

Mr. Vira who is also the sports development officer for Wan Smol Bag received his teaching certificate for swimming in Australia and since then, for the past four years, his passion on teaching the life skill has only grown.

According to Mr. Vira a close encounter from drowning has driven him to help others to avoid what he went through.

Currently the youngest student is 8yrs old and in this year alone, the swim coach has taught over 100 students on how to tread through deep waters.

The swimming teacher from Ambae said that a Provincial Education Officer of the SHEFA group has shown interest in VAF’s programmes and is keen on introducing it to schools in SHEFA next year.

“I spoke today at Provincial Education Officer of SHEFA province Education he is supporting us next year to go to the other places of SHFEA to train teachers to teach students how to swim, all kids have to learn how to swim, it’s a life skill, everyone needs to know.”

The swimming locations for the VAF and their members consists of community beaches around Efate, a dream that Mr. Vira has is to have a proper swimming facility, that way they could work with younger children.

For now, the beaches of the Efate will have to do and at the end of this month, the programmes will conclude at the Beach Bar in Mele.

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