The Survivor Games are back for 2019 on the 22nd of June at Holiday Inn.

Double the Games, Double the Fun. As well as a new venue which is closer to town, ProRescue has taken over the running of the games from ProMedical.

The challenge is on for corporate & social teams to register now so ProRescue can reach their target of at least 25 teams — so their volunteers can concentrate on the important work they do.

“The Carpenter Motors Ironman 4x4 Team are super hyped to be the first team to register for the so ProRescue Survivor Games, and very proud to be supporting such an important community cause,” said John Clift, Dealer Principal for Carpenter Motors and Thrifty Auto Centre.

“The Thrifty Auto Centre Team have registered too and will be defending their Survirvor Games Champion title. They can’t wait to beat everyone again!” said John Clift.

Holiday Inn and the Port Vila Rowing Club will be a great venue that will be spectator friendly and allow water events to be incorporated. The games are open to a maximum of 32 teams who will fight it out.

How is ProRescue going to Double the Fun? There will be no waiting around for your turn at a game. It will be round-robin style with games happening simultaneously. This also allows us to double the games. There will be a round-robin of 4 games, short break and then another round-robin of 4 games. So start training now. The games will test your strength, tactics, speed, teamwork and problem solving. Which team will be the ultimate Survivor?

No bribery at this year’s Survivor, instead you will be able to purchase Idols and Super Idols that can either advantage you in the games or disadvantage another team. Brute strength trophy this year will go to the team who gets through the games having played no idols, and the winner of Survivor 2019 can have used as many (and brought in lots of money to ProRescue) as they like. Entries now open at Incite Office in town above Jill’s Cafe or Design Impax, Champagne estates. 25,000vt per team which includes meal vouchers for the 10 members of your team (no reserves).

ProRescue continues to serve the community, made up of solely volunteers who are on hand to assist ProMedical in all manner of emergencies, from Road Crashes to getting a child’s foot out of a drain. Please some and support them on the day by putting a team in or coming along to watch the fun, there will also be an after party.

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