The South Efate Shefa Football Association (SESFA) championship held last week at the Erakor field is currently underway with games going on smoothly within the teams participating in the championship games.

On Wednesday last week, three matches took place at the Erakor field.

The first match saw Matantopua FC beating Ifira Temanu Baku FC by 3-0, second match of the day saw Gray ZL FC beating Taputi FC by 3 – 0 and the last match saw Taturu FC beating Pango FC by 6-0.

On Friday the previous week, three matches also took place at the Erakor field. The first match saw Matantopua FC beating Taturu FC by 1-0, Eraniau FC beating Gray ZL by 6-2 and the last match which saw Ifira Temanu Baku FC winning Naka FC by 2-1.

Matches for Friday 9th August 2019 at the Erakor Field saw Taturu FC facing Eraniau FC, with Eraniau FC winning by 3-2. The second match saw Matantopua FC vs Gray ZL FC, and Matantopua FC claiming the victory by 2-0. The third match of the day saw Naka FC vs Taputi FC. Naka FC won the game by 3-0. The final match of the day was between Pango FC and Erakor Golden Star U-19, and Erakor U-19 came in to win the match by 1nil.

SESFA wishes to remind all clubs to bring in their fees as well which is Vt1,400 and check with Mr Michael Joseph SESFA Program Coordinator at Erakor Field.

SESFA invites all soccer fans throughout Efate to go and support the local teams participating in the SESFA championship.

With all clubs training hard now for the SESFA Championship 2019 all clubs are trying their best now to win their match games and maintain goal average over others. 

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