Snooker ready to start Independence tournament

Jeffery Jimmy in action during the Port Vila Snooker club championship in December last year. Photo: Anasilini Natoga

The Port Vila Snooker club will start their 40th Independence tournament next Sunday at the Tebakor, Liberal Club house.

There would be two pools in the competition with one pool having 10 players and each winners from 1 to 10 getting the prizes.

Tournament coordinator, Bakon Jonathan, said they were looking forward to an exciting tournament.

“Our anniversary tournament is starting next Sunday and we are looking forward to another exciting snooker competition.

“Our last competition was the Port Vila Snooker Club competition in December last year and and for this one we want to thank our sponsors for coming in and assisting us,” Jonathan said.

“We will have competitive participants in this tournament.”

The winners for Pool A and Pool B will receive Vt60,000, runners up will settle for Vt30,000 and third prize gets Vt20,000.

Fourth prize Vt15,000, fifth prize Vt10,000, sixth prize Vt8,000, seventh prize Vt6000, eighth prize Vt5,000, ninth prize Vt4,000 and 10th prize is Vt3,000.

The best breaker gets Vt20,000. Registration fee is Vt2,000.

There is also Aelan dress competition. Winner gets Vt20,000, runner-up Vt15,000, third prize Vt10,000 and best effort price is Vt5000. Registration fee is Vt2,000 per person.

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