Vanuatu Snooker executive committee member, Pakon Jonathan, has stated few challenges which the sport faced this year which they need to improve come 2020.

Few areas which the sport will need to work on are punctuality, competitions and financial support.

“We faced a lot of financial challenges but we are happy that we have the support which came in from government MPs and corporate houses.

“Other challenges was the implementing of programmes, getting young people to participate and punctuality. This is the sport of discipline, when we say the game begins at 3pm, players coming in an hour later.

“These are areas we will need to improve and work on,” Jonathan said.

“Snooker - We have been trying hard to promote this sport, at the end the Port Vila Championship , we had many sponsors mmost of them are government officials and corporate sponsors.

“The secondary focus for the sport next year is to be affiliated to VASANOC.

“We have to register to VASANOC, so we are part of the VASANOC family.

“Also we are trying to put more international games, travel to Fiji, Solomon Islands and play with respective champions from these countries.”

Port Vila Championship concludes yesterday The Port Vila Championship concluded yesterday at the Liberal Club with the main final played between Jefferey Jimmy and John Ismael.

The winner walks home with Vt50,000, runners up settled with Vt25,000 and Willie Kalo won third place with Vt15,000.

Tom PK won the Pool B division with Vt25,000, Alex Steven was runners up and won Vt15,000.

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