SEPSSA Games update

Erakor Bilingual School students perfom a custom dance to open the games

The South Efate Primary School Sports Association (SEPSSA) games kicked off last Friday at Korman Stadium with both football basketball and volleyball games.

There was also table tennis and Port Ball, a combination of basketball and netball.

The games are competed in 2 categories, A (Year 6,5) and B (Year 4,3).

The volley ball games have been completed with the results below.


Category A — Girls

1st Place Ecole Suango

2nd place Teouma primary school sports association (TEPSSA) selection

3rd place kawenu

Category B -mix

1st place Mele Maat School

2nd place Fokona Seventh Day Adventist School

3rd place Ecole Catholic du Sainte Jeanne d’Arc

Category A -boys

1st place Ecole Catholique du Saint Joseph

2nd place

Category B -boys

1st place Ecole Suango

2nd place Fokona SDA school

3rd place TEPSSA


Category A boys

Mele Maat 3 Vila North 0, Ecole Suango 3 Kawenu 1.

The rest of the football games will go ahead today at either Korman Stadium or Kawenu field.


Basketball games were completed last friday

Category A boys

1st place Mele Maat

2nd place Erakor Bilingual School

3rd place Ecole d’Esnar

Category A girls

1st place Ecole Suango

2nd place Ecole d’Esnar

3rd place Mele Maat

Port Ball

Games were disrupted by the rain as they were played on the Kazza cricket field, games will continue today depending on the weather.

Table Tennis

The event was into the knock out rounds as Daily Post went to print, results will be in tomorrow’s paper.


According to the organizing committee, athletics events will commence at Korman Stadium once the ESSA athletics events are over.

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