Saot Efate Futbol Lik nokaut

Saut Efate Futbol Lik nokaut. PC: Joseph Micheal

Saot Efate Futbol Lik Nokaot Program long last wik i lukim long Friday 9 Oktoba 2020 11am Naka FC vs Taputi FC, 1pm Fenua FC vs Mele FC mo long 3pm Eraniao FC vs Matantopua FC.

Risal blong kem ia i lukim, Neka Fc i winim Taputi FC long wan hae sko blong 6-2, Fenua FC i winim Mele FC long 3-0 mo Eraniao i kam blong winim Matantopua long wan gudfala sko blong 7-1.

Long gem blong yestete, Tusdei namba 13 Oktoba 11.30am, Erakor U19 FC vs Matantopua FC 1.30 pm Marsowi FC vs Eraniao FC.

Sko blong gem blong yestete i lukim Erakor U19 i winim Matantopua long wan sko blong 7-0.

Folem wetem tufala narafala gem we i stap kohet yet be pepa hemi ko long print.

Nekis kem bae hemi kikoff long Fraede 16 Oktoba.

I lukim long 11am Fenua FC vs Taputi FC, 1pm Naka FC vs Mele FC, 3pm Erakor U19 FC vs Marsowi FC.

Tusdei 20 Oktoba bae i kat wan gem nomo long dei ia, long 1pm Mele FC vs Taputi FC, Fraedei 23 Oktoba 11am, Matantopua Fc vs Marsowi FC, 1pm Erakor U19 FC vs Eraniao FC, 3pm Fenua FC vs Naka FC.

Tusdei 27 Oktoba Semi faenol bae hemi kikoff, stret 11am Pool A 1 vs Pool B 2, 1pm Pool B 1 vs Pool B 2.

Fraedei 30 Oktoba 11am lusa bae i ko long faenol, mo long 1pm bae tufala wina bae tufala i faenol, stret afta long nokaut ia bae jampionjip bae hemi kikoff.

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