Riders from The Riders’ Club dressed up for the Halloween Spooktacular event held at the Vanuatu Equestrian Centre (VEC) at Bellevue Park last Sunday.

Themed costumes combined with competitions on horseback provided much entertainment for riders, parents and spectators. Games included spidery barrel racing, ghostly flags, spooky agility and a fire jump. Parents also participated in Halloween themed sack races and agility/rescue races. This year’s event boasted 50 riders ranging in age from three years old competing for medals and trophies. The event was free to the public with catering provided by The Coffee Tree.

“It’s a great opportunity for young riders to show their horses and gain experience in the arena,” said Stéphanie Caillaud, owner and instructor from The Riders’ Club.

The highlight of the day included the costume competition where riders and horses dressed for Halloween. Awards were given for most creative, cutest, and scariest costumes. “People had a lot of fun dressing up with their horses,” said Stéphanie. “It was a great event and we are especially grateful for the support of the club’s tireless volunteers who assisted on the day as well as Paris Beauté for costume sponsorship.”

The Riders’ Club has hosted two horse shows this year at the VEC, although several were planned, including two international shows with New Caledonia, New Zealand, Australia and Tahiti, prior to covid-19 and border restrictions. “We have had to be more creative in our events since Covid-19. Whilst still providing competition and entertainment for budding equestrians, it is important to be mindful of the current situation and border closures,” said Stéphanie. “Being involved with horses is such a great activity for families and individuals. We offer classes for all ages and abilities, allowing people to enjoy riding at a level at which they are most capable and comfortable. From novice to advanced riders — show jumping, dressage, cross country and games.”


Pikinini Category

Bending 1st — Roxane de Montgolfier, 2nd – Patrick Prendergast, 3rd — Jeanne Pheu

Flags 1st — Leon Ducam, 2nd – Tomata, 3rd — Jeanne Pheu

Agility 1st — Jeanne Pheu, 2nd — Callin Kelly, 3rd – Patrick Prendergast

OVERALL 1st — Jeanne Pheu, 2nd – Patrick Prendergast, 3rd — Roxane de Montgolfier

Novice Category

Bending 1st — Alice Ferry, 2nd — Sachi Haifa, 3rd — Ashton Pryor

Flags 1st — Laia Tarroux, 2nd – Ashton Pryor, 3rd — Sachi Haifa

Agility 1st — Madelief Van Der Zoeten, 2nd — Laia Tarroux, 3rd — Ashton Pryor

Barrels 1st — Madelief Van Der Zoeten, 2nd – Charlotte Russet, 3rd — Anais Streri

Buckets 1st — Ashton Pryor, 2nd — Laia Tarroux, 3rd — Madelief Van Der Zoeten

Sack 1st – Galliane Gerard, 2nd – Madelief Van Der Zoeten, 3rd – Charlotte Russet

OVERALL 1st — Madelief Van Der Zoeten, 2nd – Ashton Pryor, 3rd — Laïa Tarroux

Intermediate Category

Bending 1st – Jaylah Greenwell, 2nd – Jacob Greenwell, 3rd – Cadence Ernest

Flags 1st – Jaylah Greenwell, 2nd — Amani Knox, 3rd — Maya Jenkin, 3rd — Lou Anne Delrieu

Agility 1st — Amani Knox, 2nd – Jaylah Greenwell, 3rd — Jack Pardoe

Barrels 1st – Cadence Ernest, 2nd — Maya Jenkin, 3rd — Mylene Furet

Buckets 1st — Mylene Furet, 2nd — Maya Jenkin, 3rd — Amani Knox

Sack 1st – Jaylah Greenwell, 2nd — Alice Lee, 3rd — Mylene Furet

OVERALL 1st – Jaylah Greenwell, 2nd — Amani Knox, 3rd — Mylene Furet

Advanced Category

Bending 1st – Jaime O’Connor, 2nd – Savannah De Ceuster, 3rd — Xavier De Ceuster

Flags 1st — Soph Fogarty, 2nd — Xavier De Ceuster, 3rd – Savannah De Ceuster

Agility 1st – Savannah De Ceuster, 2nd – Jaime O’Connor, 3rd — Xavier De Ceuster

Barrels 1st – Savannah De Ceuster, 2nd – Soph Fogarty, 3rd — Xavier De Ceuster

Buckets 1st — Jake Kelly, 2nd – Emma Thompson, 3rd — Xavier De Ceuster

Sack 1st – Emma Thompson, 2nd — Xavier De Ceuster, 3rd — Jake Kelly

OVERALL 1st – Savannah De Ceuster, 2nd — Xavier De Ceuster, 3rd – Soph Fogarty

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