Port Vila Futbol Asosiesen (PVFA) Women Supa kap gran faenol bambae i tekem ples tedei long Port Vila Stadium, bitwin Galaxy FC mo Erakor Golden Star FC. Hemi fes eva Women Supa kap kompitisen long Port Vila.

PVFA i konfem long Daily Sports se namba tri ples bambae i kik off fastaem long 1pm bitwin Ifira Black Bird FC mo PSS FC mo gran faenol maj i tekem ples long 3pm.

PVFA i konfem se fes praes bambae hemi Supa kap wetem VT100,000. Sekon ples emi VT50,000, namba tri ples, VT25,000 mo namba fo ples, VT15,000.

PVFA i stap remaendem pablik se bambae entrens fi hemi fri mo PVFA i stap invaetem everi women mo ol yang gel blong kam sapotem olgeta gel blong yumi long taem ia. Wan long olgeta mein tingting bihaen long tingting ia i blong promotem mo exposem olgeta women pleia blong yumi.

PVFA i stap remaendem tu olgeta sapota mo fan blong kontinu blong rispektem olgeta PVFA rul mo mentenem COVID-19 helt protocol we Ministri blong Helt i stap rolem aot.

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