PVFA signs agreement with DoI to promote Vanuatu Made brand

Director of Industry, Mr Jimmy Rantes (center) and Vanuatu Made Brand Manager, Donald Pelam (right) signing the document with with PVFA Vice President, Harry Atisson (left).

The Port Vila Football Association (PVFA) yesterday signed an agreement with the Department of Industry (DoI) with an aim to promote, expose and protect the Vanuatu Made brand in country at the PVFA conference room.

The signing agreement seeks to ensure the benefits and also drive forward the importance of producing our products in country but foremost promote the Vanuatu Made brand locally.

The Acting manager for Market intelligence and promotion division, Donald Pelam said that it is a step forward for Vanuatu within the international arena of having products in place for export and marketing purposes as well.

“We have been promoting the brand for the past 2 years. We believe that promoting it in PVFA is a great avenue for promotion and exposure as well with crowds gathering every weekend to observe the matches but more importantly be aware of the Vanuatu made trend to ensure that we appreciate what we have,” he said.

“Promoting Vanuatu made, Vanuatu grow and Vanuatu design is the way forward.

“Recently all shops do not advocate our Vanuatu made products and DoI believes that such mutual agreements will pave the way and path for everyone to grow, support and live healthy as well.”

PVFA Vice President, Harry Atisson said that over 1000 PVFA players registered and PVFA believes the message of promoting Vanuatu Made, Vanuatu Grow and Vanuatu Design will be exposed to all supporters throughout all games.

“Such an avenue is a way forward for all players to be aware that there is always life after football. It is good news for PVFA with PM Loughman during his recent visit to saying that he wants all government departments to promote local products in stadium as well,” said Mr Atisson.

PVFA further appealed to the DoI to put up Vanuatu Made banners in all PVFA competition venues.

With PVFA introducing the Women’s football alongside the men’s football, and also with the Youth league, PVFA confirmed it is a step forward for the country to promote Vanuatu Made, Vanuatu Grow and Vanuatu Design from now on.

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