PVFA i welkamem wan moa sponsa

PVFA Vaes Presiden, Harry Atisson (raet) mo PVFA Secretary, Richard Tatwin (senta) i stap risivim NBV sponsasip.(PVFA)

Nasonal Bank blong Vanuatu (NBV) i step in yestedei blong sponsarem Port Vila Futbol Granstand.

Long wan stetmen we PVFA I putum aot long sosel media, NBV ofisa, Mr. Lester Lulu i talem se long bihaf blong NBV oli klad bigwan blong save sapotem PVFA mo futbol indastri long kaontri.

Mr Lulu i talem se bifo NBV i sponsarem VFF Vanuakid program be sponsasip i stop long las 20 yia finis, be tedei oli kam back blong sponsarem futbol bakeken be naoia wetem PVFA nomo.

“Long bihaf long NBV, mifala kivim bak long komuniti blong sponsarem 2 selta blong granstand long stadium mekem se long taem we i kat rain or sun, ol futbol fan i save haed gud, olsem we bank i stap lukaotem gud ol kastoma blong hem,” Lulu i talem.

“Hemia mane blong fes selta mo bambai bank i kambak nekis yia 2021 blong sponsarem namba 2 shelter.

“NBV bambai i stap oltaem blong wok wetem PVFA from oli mekem gud wok blong promotem sports blong ol yangfala mo tu NBV i redi blong wok wetem PVFA blong openem ol akaon blong ol pleia from i kat laef afta futbol.

“Mi wantem ol pleia, ol koj mo ol fan i save se from naoia i go bambai NBV we i bank blong Vanuatu bambai i sapotem bigwan PVFA.”

Long bihaf blong PVFA, Vaes Presiden, Harry Atisson i talem bigfala tank u long NBV blong sponsarem selta ia mo talem se sponsasip blong NBV i kam long raet taem from wik ia hemi wik blong givhan mo hemia i olsem wan spesel presen blong PVFA long stat blong wik ia.

“Bigfala tank yu long manejmen, staff, mo ol kastoma blong NBV we yufala luk save wok blong niufala eksekutif blong PVFA mo olgeta 28 klab, we i gat ova long 700 pleia we i mekem yufala sponsarem selta ia,” Atisson i talem.

“PVFA bambai i wok wetem NBV oltaem long ol fiuja program blong hem long olgeta yia we i stap kam.”

Mr Atisson i kam blong ekstendem tok tank yu blong PVFA i ko long NBV long sponsasip blong hem.

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