Port Vila Futsal 2020-2021 premia jampionsip emi kik off

PVFL difending jampion, Aims FC emi winim Sara FC long 7-4 las Satedei. (PVFL)

Olgeta Port Vila Futsal lik (PVFL) 2020-2021 premia jampionsip oli kik of finis wetem olgeta gems blong em daon long Wan Smol Bag.

PVFL emi konfem sei i gat 8 tims evriwan wei oli patisipet insaed long premia divisen blong sisen ia.

Igat Aims FC, University National Vanuatu (UNV), Real Seaside FC, Lugan FC, Neke FC, D’York FC, Southern Legion FC mo Sara FC.

PVFL emi stab naia insaed long namba 5 wik blong 2020-2021 jampionsip mo las wiken, long Satedei, i lukim fes maj, Neke FC emi kam blong winim Lugan FC long wan sko blong 4-3. Sekon maj blong dei, UNV emi winim LDS FC (saoten wod) long 6-1.

Namba tri maj i lukim Real Seaside FC emi kam blong winim D’York FC long 3-1. Long las maj, Aims FC emi kam blong plei agensem Sara FC mo Aims FC nao emi kam blong win long 7-4.

Folem wan updeit wei PVFL emi kivimaot, olgeta gems oli bin kik of las manis finis mo olgeta premia divisen gems oli tekem ples evri Satedei.

Tis kaming Satedei bambae i lukim Lugan FC emi plei Aims FC long 9am, Sara FC vs LDS FC long 10am , Neke FC vs Real Seaside long 11am mo las maj UNV vs D’York FC long 12pm.

Aims FC nao emi stab olsem defending jampion blong Port Vila Futsal lik 2019-2020 jampionsip.

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