Permanent sport venues a challenge for few SFs in country

VPC athlete, Ken Kahu has already qualified on merit for the Tokyo Paralympic Games in August this year.

With Sports being a forefront fighter against Non-Communicable Diseases, Vanuatu’s Athletic Golden Mama, Mary Estelle Mahuk said that more sport playgrounds should be established in Port Vila.

Mrs Mahuk who is also Vanuatu Paralympic Committee (VPC) Program Manager and Port Vila Athletics League (PVAL) Secretary General said NCD is a serious health issue in the Pacific and with more parks and sport playgrounds, the country is on track in tackling NCDs through exercise, encouraging people to drink a lot of water but more importantly eating local foods.

“VPC still in need of a permanent sports venue, and I am aware few SFs as well. Creating a space and playgrounds within our parks not only assists able-bodies but also Disabilities as well.

“The government should promote more sport playgrounds in parks as well where everyone can come together and enjoy workouts in the evening or better yet, during the day,” said Mrs Mahuk.

She confirmed that since 1980, a lot of the Sport Federations in country still lack Sport venues.

Mrs Mahuk is encouraging all citizens in country to involve in exercises and to drink plenty of water especially during this global pandemic crisis adding that during her golden athlete era, she always appealed to the public and relatives to follow such advice.

With COVID-19 creating chaos in almost over 50% of the world’s biggest cities, Mrs Mahuk commented that Vanuatu is still COVID19 free and one way forward is for everyone to adapt our ancestor’s way of living and lifestyles which had great impact on them in the past compared to the present generations where a lot of consuming processed foods are suffering from its consequences effectively.

In the past, Sports affairs was not active within the governments but she said that over the past 4-8 years, it was seen as a great avenue to tackling Non-Communicable diseases which also portrayed health benefits of everyone including athletes especially.

Today the society believes that exercise requires specific trainings and involving in sports disciplines to obtain the health benefits but exercise is indeed in all forms of daily activities such as walking, even gardening.

Mrs Mahuk said that in the past a lot of peoples were ashamed to exercise and continued clinging to the new lifestyles however lately she has noticed an increase of exercise activities in the streets with a lot enjoying water benefit as well.

Three VPC para-athletes are currently in training with the other sport disciplines towards the Tokyo Olympics in August this year.

Mrs Mahuk said that they are keeping their athletes motivated always towards the upcoming event.

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