On Monday this week marks  beginning of tournament week for the 12th edition for the Oceania Rugby Sevens Championships.

In addition to the 3-day tournament at the ANZ Stadium in Suva, the week will feature legacy and impact beyond programs before kicking off  today.

Citing Commissioners Training

The Citing Commissioners training was held  in Suva with 6 participants from Fiji and Tonga. The training will also issue accreditation for regional and international tournaments, alongside training the new Citing Commissioners that will be implementing their learnings at the Oceania Rugby Sevens Championships. This training is also conducted across all Oceania Unions, running alongside Oceania and World Rugby tournaments.

Women in Rugby and the Media Forum

The Women in Rugby and the Media Forum aims to support sports Editors and journalists by providing information, international guidelines and a knowledge exchange about fair, respectful and equal coverage of women and men in rugby.

The Women in Rugby and the Media forum is organized by Oceania Rugby and UN Women Fiji Multi-Country Office (MCO) in partnership with the Fiji Media Association (FMA), Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) and Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC).

Using rugby to promote gender equality and prevent violence against women, girls and boys, both on and off the rugby field is central to the partnership between Oceania Rugby and UN Women Fiji MCO, supported by the Pacific Partnership to End Violence Against Women and Girls (Pacific Partnership) funded by the European Union and Australian Government with support from UN Women.

Immediate Care in Rugby Level 2 Training

The Immediate Care in Rugby Level 2 training course will be held this week with the inclusion of participants from Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Samoa, American Samoa, Fiji and New Zealand. This training will enable medical professionals to be able to conduct Head Injury Assessments (HIA) to be used during the Oceania Sevens tournament, which is mandatory in the prioritising the welfare of the players participating.

Legacy Program

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