Newly appointed Minister For Youth Development and Sports Willie Pakoa Saatearoto have set a plan for sports and is waiting for the uplift of State Of Emergency for implementations.

“The Ministry is currently carrying out some of its plans, however, with the global COVID19 threat on the rise, few plans were delayed due to the instructions and guidelines given by the government under its State of Emergency period.

“The Ministry focuses on a big area, but in regards to sports disciplines, COVID19 has definitely disturbed, delayed and postponed a lot of sport activities not only in Vanuatu but the world as well,” Saatearoto said.

The Ministry is prepared and ready in rolling out its plans but the with the COVID19’s current status, all plans will be carried out once the SOE is uplifted.

“Looking forward over the COVID19 status, as the Minister responsible for sports, we will continue to support the sports industry in Vanuatu. Any sport discipline that can be carried out, we will definitely support youths in Sports in Vanuatu,” he added.

With the new National fitness Centre opened last week the Sports Minister believes it will assist the youths in terms of engaging themselves to sports and not drugs and alcohol and turn away from being law breakers.

“ Yes, a lot of youths have involved and turn to crime, drugs, and other issues, but with this sports facility, it will be an eye and mind opener for them to retaliate from such activities and return back to sports.

“Sports is an important tool for youths and keeping the body healthy and fit is essential for our youths as well,” Saatearoto added.

“As Minister responsible for all Sports developments within Vanuatu, I would like to acknowledged the Australian government for rebuilding and refurbishing the sports facility.

“The Ministry is very happy on witnessing such development addressed. It shows the great relationship and bond between the Vanuatu government and the Australian government.

“The facility has become new, clean and tidy as well to ensure and it is open to all sport disciplines carrying out their activities in the newly sports complex,” he said.

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