Netball New Zealand PSP Program Coordinator Ivan Harre (center) poses with Vanuatu Netball Association board members after the signing ceremony. Photo: Kathie Simons

Netball New Zealand PSP Program Coordinator Ivan Harre (center) poses with Vanuatu Netball Association board members after the signing ceremony. Photo: Kathie Simons

Netball New Zealand’s Pacific Sporting Partnership (PSP) and Vanuatu Netball signed a partnership agreement at the VASANOC House in Port Vila last Thursday.

The partnership aims to foster and sustain physical activity and healthy lifestyles in young people. This partnership initially existed in Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa and Tonga before it was extended to Vanuatu.

This is a New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade funded initiative.

In Vanuatu there will be four outputs:

1. Netball development programs – focused on capability building of VNA, their member Associations and schools.

2. There is the provision of netball equipment and resources to support delivery of the programme and expanded participations.

3. Healthy lifestyles awareness – messaging and other programs on nutrition incorporated into netball activities. Netball will work with the Ministry of Health to support their existing campaigns. Existing partnerships with the Pacific Island Food Revolution and Hapai Te Hauora (Fizz free campaign) will be utilized to develop nutrition focused activities.

4. Youth sport leadership and empowerment activities, working with partners in Vanuatu and utilizing a Netball New Zealand programme where Netball Leaders develop leadership and other life skills through netball in young people.

The core netball development programs will include three initial activities:

1. Create new sub-associations on Efate and Santo to extend the existing netball competitions, with a particular focus on encouraging age group and junior netball development. This require new coaches, umpires, and administrators to be trained, with the aim to take a youth-led approach where possible. All training will be supported by Netball New Zealand coach and umpire experts.

2. Through two pilot secondary schools, enhance and extend secondary school netball preparation for the Secondary School Nationals, and encourage participation by the schools on the existing (and new) VNA netball competitions.

3. Pilot a Fundamental Movement Skills (Physical Education) programme with primary schools. This is delivered as teacher training at years 1 to 4 school levels. Schools would be identified through the Health Promoting Schools activity chaired by the Ministry of Education and Training.

Partners who are the core key to the success of the program include government ministries such as Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Health, Vanuatu National Sports Commission and VASANOC.

The next plan for Vanuatu Netball is to formalise the partnership between VNA and Netball New Zealand; hire a Country Coordinator to lead the programme; identify pilot schools for the first round of delivery; translate resources into Bislama, and update the content to align with THE Ministry of Health.

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