Milestone achievements in Vanuatu Football: 2007-2019

Vanuatu futsal team during the 2019 OFC Futsal Nations Cup in New Caledonia.Photo: OFC

A timeline of Vanuatu football milestone achievements dated back to 2007.

The timeline (zoom out to see entire layout) have said few things about Vanuatu football milestones achieved through some key changes, and that was twelve years ago in the executive and the establishment of the first football academy.

In 2014 VFF adopted the Asia Pacific Football Academy programmed which became the pinnacle of Vanuatu football success.

Brian Kaltack, Bong Kalo and many others are examples of Vanuatu football elite players who have gone through the academy & the coaching education program.

Nalkutan FC and Malampa Revivors FC outside Port Vila league have became Vanuatu champions through the new decentralization strategy introduced 5 years ago.


2007- i) First Bronze Medal in the 2007 South Pacific Games and highest FIFA Ranking blong Vanuatu

ii) Second mission to establish a proper Academy of football elite players to qualify for the World Cup. Eventually the Academy was established for 40,000,000vt for 3 years and as a result we have elite players like Brian Kaltak and Bong Kalo

2012- Formalization of National Super League.The 2010 VFF National Super League was the qualifying competition for the 2010–11 OFC Champions League.

2014- Decentralization programme launched. VFF launched programme of Decentralization on the September 14th.

2015- i) Four Nations Tournament Champion.Vanuatu won the 1st ever Four Nations Tournament and reached final of the Olympic.

ii)Establishment of Northern Region Academy.Establishment of Northern Region Academy

2016- Vanuatu qualified for the 2017 FIFA U20 World Cup in South Korea.Vanuatu qualified for the 2017 FIFA U20 World Cup in South Korea.

2017- i) Nalkutan became champion of Vanuatu. 

ii) Vanuatu played in the 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup in South Korea and was the 21st edition of the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

iii) Malampa Revivors FC qualified for the OFC Champions League for the 1st time.

iv)Vanuatu won gold in Men & Women  soccer in the South Pacific Mini Games

2018- i) Malampa Revivors FC beats Galaxy FC by 3-1 and became Champions in 2019 and proves decentralization is power of football development and strength of our nation.

ii) Nalkutan played in the OFC Champions League

iii) Vanuatu held the 1st position as OFC President and FIFA Vice President

2019- i) Vanuatu Women U19 reached semi-final for the time.

ii) VFF National Youth League Championship launched.

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