With only one round of championship games left, the Mele Cricket Club have shown their dominance in the league once more and look likely to win the championship however they are level on points with the Paama Sharks.

On Saturday at the Kazza Cricket Grounds (KCG) the village boys went up against the Mighty Saints.

The Mighty Saints elected to bat first and team captain Maki Macmilian scored 18 runs for the boys in pink out of the 73 runs in total.

The Mele boys having a lot of national players on their side showed a lot of experience in their bowling and field and bowled out the Saints in just 26.2 where Jelany Chilia got two wickets from 10 runs in only 8 overs.

The Saints displayed great fielding and bowling from Karl Ricky and Selwyn Garae causing the Mele batsmen to bat 2 balls into the air for Simpson Obed and Niel Malosu to catch respectively.

Despite the efforts Trevor Langa batted 27 runs in 18 balls which contributed to the 77 runs which the boys in blue scored within just 8 overs to seal their victory.

In other matches on Saturday, Paama Sharks beat Ifira by forfeit at Independece Park while the Under 19 National Squad who play in the league beat Power House at Club Hippique by reaching their 138 target in just 8 overs.

Over on field 2 at the KCG, North Efate Bush Pigs took on Tafea Sandlewood. The bush pigs batted first and Aaron Strid posted 34 runs to contribute to the 203 total as Tafea’s Vakesa Nauni took 4 wickets and Daren Wotu took 2 while Julin Tommy and Clement Tommy both took a wicket each to bowl out the boys in grey in 34.2 overs.

As the boys in green took up the bats, Vanuatu Daily Post went to print and could not obtain the final score.

Also in cricket the men’s national team departed for Malaysia to participate in the 2019 Malaysia Cricket World Cup Challenge League A which is scheduled to be the inaugural edition of Group A of the 2019–21 International Cricket Council [ICC] Cricket World Cup Challenge League, a cricket tournament which forms part of the qualification pathway to the 2023 Cricket World ,

In Malaysia, they will play round robin matches against hosts Malaysia, Qatar, Denmark, Canada and Singapore.

Vanuatu is currently ranked 27th in the ICC world rankings.

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