Meet Mahina Tarimiala

Mahina Tarimiala Keeping for Vanuatu against Japan. Photo: VCA

Meet Mahina Tarimiala, the wicketkeeper of the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu National Women’s Cricket Team.

Mahina also hails from the biggest Village in Vanuatu, Mele Village on the island of Efate and has been playing cricket since primary school.

She was one of the first girls to play in the first ever National Women’s Cricket team in when it debut in 2012 in Vanuatu for the EAP Women’s trophy and has been on every tournament since then.

Mahina is known as the joker of the team and she is the motivator behind the stumps.

Mahina has proven herself over the years and as one of the oldest players in the team, she has to juggle work, cricket and her home life while setting an example for and motivating the younger girls in the team.

She has had one too many broken fingers on the field but she is a fighter and she continues to fight with enthusiasm to this day in everything she does.

In addition to that, while most players find it difficult to resist a slice of cake, Mahina never has that issue as she is lactose intolerant which she likes to express as being allergic to milk and cake.

On top of ensuring she is healthy, here is what she can teach you about cricket.

SAVE KRIKET KONA – Do I really have to wear a helmet? Hemi impoten blong mi mas werem helmet taem me plei or no?

Continuing from the importance of wearing gloves and the benefits of wearing an arm guard during a match, today we will be learning why we should always wear a helmet when batting. Helmets are an essential item for the safety of the player’s head. Our head is extremely important and it is the most vulnerable part of our body because it is the most exposed to being badly injured in any sport. Thus, it is important that we protect our brain, our eyes, nose, teeth, ears and skull by wearing a helmet.

The helmet is the big round hat that is padded on the inside and worn by players when they are batting and it is also worn by the wicket keeper. It not uncommon to see a fielder wear a helmet especially if they are fielding really close to the batsman but it rarely happens in Vanuatu.

For horse riding fans, the cricket helmet looks similar to a horse riding helmet but it has a steel pattern covering the front of the face which act as a shield to protect the player’s face and mouth.

Cricket helmet is the most important protective gear for batters to wear while batting against fast bowlers or if the batsman is inexperienced or is not confident. In the modern game, cricket helmets are designed to cover all the vulnerable parts of the head but is always necessary for a batsman to get checked for concussions if they are ever hit on the hit by the ball even when wearing a helmet.

This discussion of helmets takes us to the end of our insights into protective gear for cricket and we are encouraging everyone to make sure you use the right protective gear and you are always protected when playing.

Save Kriket Kona – Hemi impoten blong mi mas werem helmet taem me plei or no?

Kontinue long impotens blong werem hanklap mo benefit blong arm guard long taem blong wan gem, tete bae yumi tokbaot from wanem nao yumi mas alwes werem helmet taem yumi plei cricket.

Wanem ya kriket helmet?

Fesly, kriket helmet hemi hat weh yu werem taem weh yu ko blong bat mo impotens blong hem emi blong protektem hed blong yu blong no kasem eni kill. Ol Kill long hed oli denjares tumas mo long kriket helmet e protektem hed blong yu blong bol e no fas long hem daerekly.

Ol man weh oli bat mo wiket kipa nao oli stap werem helmet beh samtaem yu save luk wan fielder tu e werem sapos hemi stanap klosap tumas long wan batsman insaet long fil.

Hemi impoten tumas seh yumi mas protektem brain, eye, nose, tut, maot, sorae mo bun blong hed mo wan helmet e kat matress insaet long hem mo hem e strong so e save protektem evri pat blong hed ya.

Wan kriket helmet hemi luk semak long helmet weh oli usem blong ron lo horse beh hemi gat wan iron paten lo foret blong hem weh I protektem face blong wan pleia. Helmet yu mas werem taem yu fesem wan fas bowler or sapos yu jes start plei kriket nomo or yu no konfiden yu mas werem helmet evri taem yu ko blong bat.

Smol diskasen blong yumi abaot ol helmet ya nao e karem yumi kam long end blong ol diskasen abaot ol protektif kia blong kriket beh mifala e stap enkarejem yumi evriwan seh yumi mas alwes protektem yumi wan taem yumi plei kriket mo bae yumi save protektem gud yumi nomo sapos yumi werem ol impoten protektif kia weh yumi lanem.

Ridim pepa long nekis satete blong lanem sam moa niu samting abaot kriket.


Name: Mahina Tarimiala

Age: 27

Nickname: Mata

Job: Vanuatu National Cricketer

Role in the team: wicket keeper/batsman

Favourite cricketer: Sarah Taylor

Career highlights: taking 4 consecutive catches behind the stumps

Debut: Vanuatu 2012

Fun Fact: Allergic to butter and cake.

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