Meet  Junior Kaltapau

Junior Kaltapau in action during the U19 World Cup. Photo: VCA

Halo olgeta, welcome back to ‘Save Kriket Kona’

Meet Junior Kaltapau, the 20-year-old batsman from Santo in the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu National Men’s team. Junior, originally from Efate has lived on Santo for most of his life and considers himself from Santo and is nicknamed ‘solar’ for having too much energy, on and off the field, before and after training, and basically contains a never-ending supply of reusable energy.

Junior’s cricketing career began when he was selected for the Vanuatu Cricket Scholarship in 2016 through a cricket talent ID program which brought him to Port Vila. The scholarship allowed him to continue his education at Malapoa College combined with the best cricket training with the Vanuatu Cricket National U19s team at that time. He has represented Vanuatu at the U19 level and is now a member of the senior men’s training squad. He has also completed high school under the VCA scholarship in 2019 and is now currently employed by the Vanuatu Cricket Association.

Regardless of the challenges which have been thrown his way, Junior’s determination, passion, and commitment to cricket has never waivered and here is what he can teach you about bowlers.

Continuing from the playing roles, bowlers play one of the key roles in a cricket match. Bowler’s can make or break a match.


A bowler is the player who is throwing the ball to the batsman to hit. The act of throwing the ball is called bowling in cricket and the person who throws the ball is known as the ‘bowler’. In cricket the bowler’s job is to restrict the batsman from scoring runs or points and to get them out.

Bowling is a tough job because bowlers throw the ball in a very unnatural manner compared to when you are fielding. In cricket, the bowler must throw the ball with a straight arm, meaning that the bowler’s elbow must not be bent when they are throwing the ball to the batsman.

Bowling requires planning, physical strength and fitness, mental strength and creativity or the ability to read the game and take control of batsmen’s weaknesses.

There are two types of bowlers, spin bowlers and pace bowlers.

Read the save kriket kona next Saturday to learn more.


Wan bowler hemi pleia weh ie sakem ball I go long batsman blong batsman e kilim. Aksen blong sakem ball oli singaotem ‘bowling’ mo wok blong wan bowler hemi blong stopem ol batsman blo no save mekem tumas run or poen.

Bowling hemi had lelebet from seh ol bowler oli stap sakem ball long wan stael mo fasen weh e no nomol long body blo yumi. Bowler hemi mas mekem sua seh han blong hem e straight full wan taem hemi sakem ball mo han blo hem e no mas ben, hemia hemi hard tumas mo e tekem plante trening blong wan pleia e save kasem gud.

Bowling hemi nidim plante planning, nidim blong wan pleia hemi mas strong mo fit mo semtaem tu hemi mas gat strong tingting mo hemi mas save hao blong adapt long ol diferen kem mo tekem kontrol long wikness blong ol batsman.

E kat tu difren stael blong bowling. E kat pace bowling weh hemi spid mo e kat spin bowling weh hemi slo beh semtaem tu e tricky.

Ridim save kriket kona nekis Satete blong save moa.


Name: Junior Kaltapau

Age: 20

Nickname: Solar

Job: Vanuatu National Cricketer, Development officer

Role in the team: Batsman

Favourite cricketer: AB DE Villiers

Greatest fear: Being unfit and not active

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