Andrew Mansale in action for Vanuatu. Photo: VCA

Meet Andrew Mansale, the former Captain of the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu National Men’s Cricket Team and the leader behind the numerous successes of the team in the last decade.

Andrew hails from Mele Village and he has been playing cricket since he was child. He made his debut in 2003 at the South Pacific Games in Fiji then later became the captain of the team in 2009 and he has been on every team tour and tournament since 2003.

In 2019, he decided to step down as the captain and Nalin Nipiko became his successor however, he has not retired and is still an active player in the men’s team.

Andrew has proven himself over the years and he is a well know and well respected athlete in Vanuatu.

His achievements extends from personal successes on and off the field to team successes under his leadership and he has lead the team from their very first of their World Cricket League appearances to the National Men’s Team achieving their highest ranking of 29{sup}th{/sup} on the ICC global ODI rankings. He is also a well-known player & coach in the club cricket scene in Australia where he coaches and plays during the club cricket season in Australia.

Andrew is a role model and important figure in the cricketing community and in the sport scene in Vanuatu and his legacy will go on for many years to come. He is also an excellent coach and on top of his playing roles, he has been the National U19s coach for the last five years.

Here is what he can teach you.

SAVE KRIKET – Cricket bat and ball – Kriket bat mo bol

Cricket is a sport played using a bat and ball similar to baseball. However, unlike baseball, cricket balls are hard and solid and the bat has a flat surface for hitting the ball.

Cricket balls come in different sizes and weight depending on whether the ball will be used for men, women’s or junior cricket. Traditionally cricket balls are red but with the modernization of the game, cricket balls are now also white. In Vanuatu, we use white cricket balls and white balls are also used for the T20 and 50 overs.

In men’s cricket in Vanuatu, the ball weighs 152 grams and has a circumference of about 22.5 centimeters. In women’s and junior cricket, the ball weighs 142 grams and has a circumference of about 21.5 centimeters.

Cricket bats also come in different weights and length depending on the batsmen’s preference but a standard bat cannot be more than 96.5 centimeters long and the width no more than 10.8 centimeters.

Save Kriket Kona – Kriket bat mo ball

Kriket hemi wan spot weh yu usum wan bat mo wan ball blong plei semak olsem baseball beh kriket bol hemi mo strong mo bat e kat wan flat surface blo kilim bol wetem.

Ol kriket bol oli kat difren saez mo weit blong kriket blong ol man mo difren saez mo weit blong kriket blong ol woman mo ol yut. Bifo ol kriket bol kala blong olgeta hemi red beh naya weh kem blong kriket hemi stap kam mo popular mo hemi sta kro, e kat ol waet bol tu weh oli usum long kriket. Long Vanuatu umi usum waet bol blo long T20 mo 50 ova tu e usum waet bol plante.

Long kriket blong ol man long Vanuatu, weit blong kriket bol hemi 153 grams mo saez blong balong ful raon hemi araon 22.5 centimita. Long kriket blong ol woman mo yut, weit blong bol hemi 142 grams mo full size blong balong hemi around 21.5 centimita.

Kriket bat tu oli kam long difren saez mo weit dipen long wanem weh ol batsman oli laekem. Beh, standed saez blong wan bat hemi olsem. Legth/longfala blong bat hemi no mas bitim 96.5centimita mo width blong bat hemi no mas bitim 10.8 centimita.


Name: Andrew Mansale

Age: 33

Nickname: Joey

Job: Vanuatu National Cricketer & High Performance coach

Role in the team: All-rounder

Favourite cricketer: AB DE Villiers

Career highlights: 125 not out vs Zambia to keep Vanuatu in World Cricket League.

Debut: 2003, Fiji

Greatest fear: Deep water

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